Presupposition semantics

And at the end of hishe tells us that the fluctuation in the common usage of the concept of consequence would be accurately reflected in a relative concept of logical consequence, that is a relative concept "which must, on each occasion, be related to a definite, although in greater or less degree arbitrary, division of terms into logical and extra logical" p.

To wrap everything into a single formula, we can say that the lexical entries listed in a lexicon set the parameters defining the instantiation potential of lexemes as words in utterances and inscriptions Murphy However, he did not specify the format in which word senses should be expressed in a semantic theory, except for words that could be defined e.

The syntax of a logical language is designed to make these features formally explicit. The basic metaphysical truth underlying the reasoning here is that for any two sets, if their intersection is non-empty, then neither set is the empty set.

If SnF is true, then -SnF cannot also be true; a fundamental assumption of classical logic is that a sentence cannot be both true and false in a situation. First, Tarski observes what he takes to be the commonly regarded features of logical consequence necessity, formality, and a prioricity and makes the following claim.

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Does this imply that there are no such things as lexical meanings understood as features of a language? The capital of Freedonia has a population of 9, Incremental quantification and the dynamics of pair-list phenomena. According to Euzenat, semantics "provides the rules for interpreting the syntax which do not provide the meaning directly but constrains the possible interpretations of what is declared.

Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Instead, he concentrates on deriving projection properties pragmatically, using both standard maxims and at least one rule specific to presuppositions.

1 Analyzing the Meaning of Sentences

To take an example of one word, red, its meaning in a phrase such as red book is similar to many other usages, and can be viewed as compositional. Thus, the interpretation is necessarily dynamic and the meaning of sentences is viewed as contexts changing potentials instead of propositions. Lexemes relate to words just like phonemes relate to phones in phonological theory.

Because we are confined to representing atomic sentences with letters like P and Q, we cannot dig into their internal structure. A proposition which is presupposed in a particular utterance may or may not also be entailed.


One could reply that while it is metaphysically impossible for there to be merely finitely many things it is nevertheless logically possible and this is relevant to the modal notion in the concept of logical consequence. The issue of the nature of logical consequence, which intersects with other areas of philosophy, is still a matter of debate.

Such processes differ from Gricean implicature-generating processes in that they come into play at the sub-propositional level; moreover, they are not limited to saturation of indexicals but may include the replacement of a constituent with another.

This four-volume collection provides an overview of each family followed by short grammatical descriptions of every language. For the first three categories, the presupposition is also an entailment of the S sentence though not the negated version of S.

Similarly, adding the presupposition that there is a knave to 15aas in 17aproduces no clash, so 15a presupposes that there is a knave. Carnap regarded the two options as equivalent; nowadays, the former is usually preferred. For example, consider the following existential quantification.

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The addition of meaning postulates does rule out some interpretations e. Holism incurred in objections connected with the acquisition and the understanding of language: This is a tricky criticism.The interpretation of presupposition in semantics is on the basis of truth relations.

ifongchenphoto.comtic PresuppositionCompared with semantic presupposition- a truth-relation approach, pragmatic presupposition is an interactional approach in interpreting the sentence relations. Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss, Swantje Tönnis, Edgar Onea, Malte Zimmermann PDF EARLY ACCESS.

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The treatment of presupposition is thus generalized and integrated into the discourse update procedure. We formalize this approach in SDRT (Asher ; Lascarides & Asher ), and demonstrate that it provides a rich framework for interpreting presuppositions, where.

Analyzing the Meaning of Sentences. We have seen how useful it is to harness the power of a computer to process text on a large scale. However, now that we have the machinery of parsers and feature based grammars, can we do anything similarly useful by analyzing the meaning of sentences? Meaning and Grammar - 2nd Edition: An Introduction to Semantics (): Gennaro Chierchia, Sally McConnell-Ginet: Books. 1 意味論(semantics) 府川 謹也 1 意味論の目的 意味論:言語形式の表す意味を語・句・文・談話それぞれのレベルにわたって研究する.

Presupposition semantics
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