College athletes deserve payment

Yes, a scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to receive an education, and that should not be taken for granted, but these athletes definitely deserve at least that level of support from the university.

The purpose of my piece is to inform you on big-time college athletics and explore whether the athletes deserve monetary compensation.

Allowing for intercollegiate athletes to unionize will allow student-athletes the opportunity to strike and refuse to play should they, collectively or individually, refute current payment in the form of scholarships.

It turned out those perceptions colored the way people responded to any question about the expansion of welfare. College football scholarship players already receive free tuition, room, board, medical treatment from team doctors, personal trainers, academic tutors, first pick on class schedules to eliminate scheduling conflicts, their own student lounge, etc.

It is truly wrong to do because of how much money these athletes are bringing into these programs without receiving nothing, not a penny.

A federal judge just ruled that the NCAA can't stop players from selling the rights to their names, images and likeness, striking down NCAA regulations that prohibit them from getting anything other than scholarships and the cost of attendance at schools.

Do College athletes deserve to be paid?

However, none of this money finds its way to the athletes themselves. How is it that the matters of ethics can be argued, when additional compensation would only College Athletes deserve to be paid 3 carve a fingernail thin niche in an ever-growing wallet of wealth for these high-earning college and university athletic departments?

No one is forcing them to participate. As previously mentioned, black athletes are disproportionately affected by the decision not to pay students, and a recent YouGov poll suggested support for paying college athletes is considerably higher among black people.

If the Ohio State team turned pro, it would have the fourth highest net rating in the National Football League. This information is really important and needs to be enforced because it is so unfair to be publicly used by the college you attend.

Should Athletes be Paid to Play?

Food costs are only a mere expense in the pool of many that student-athletes are responsible to cover with no income and the scarce funding of scholarships. Put yourself in the shoes of a year old college superstar. In question right now is whether the BCS even conducts its business dealings in a manner consistent with principles expressed in federal anti-trust laws.

That might be high or low depending on the school, if it's a private or public institution, cost of living and a number of other factors. So I don't want to hear that it's "unfair" to pay the quarterback of Alabama more than all the sociology students in the undergraduate college.

There's also a special assistance fund and a student-athlete opportunity fund. With college being a higher education institute of learning, student-athletes are required to partake in the learning experience just as non-athletic students.

College athletes can unionize, federal agency says. The NCAA has defended its no-pay rules on many different grounds. If the process is athletes spending more time on their sport rather than their education, something is going to have to change.

Students-athletes still have to provide themselves with clothing and laundry, hygiene products, a means to communicate with their families, a means of commuting, and trips to and from home on vacation periods. He publicly declared that he felt collegiate athletes should be paid. Also, they deserve to be paid because they are the very reason college sports fans turn on the TV and attend the games.

This bill, however, is on hold until late to accommodate the coaches that are to fulfill the conditioning and first aid clause added to the bill that will hold coaches and academic organizations responsible for the total well-being of the student-athlete that are in need.

The payment should be helped out by the government. Examining the context, this stipend system would serve the purpose of covering student-athletes expenses, as the aforestated expense allowance serves for students that are expected to perform at above par academic levels.

So, the equitable-application excuse for not paying athletes doesn't hold water; at the very least there's a level of hypocrisy here that ought to make the opponents of paying athletes uncomfortable. How many of us hate watching professional sports because we view the athletes as overpaid, under-worked crybabies who behave like a bunch of spoiled first graders?

After investigations, similar allegations had come up about basketball star OJ Mayo. You know what that's called? According to Cohen and RussoNCAA president, Mark Emmert, has suggested the creation of a dollar stipend system that will enhance the current scholarship College Athletes deserve to be paid 7 compensation method, providing student-athletes with a means to live comfortably.Oct 28,  · Should college athletes at least be paid the same minimum wage as the students who usher at their games or sell refreshments to fans?

To increase the efficiency of payments to college players, universities should pay them directly. If schools feel that student-athletes shouldn’t be paid while they’re in school, the funds could be held until after college — maybe even paying a bonus for those who graduate.

No offense to these people, but being able to say you are on a college football team is not going to pay a college student’s bills.

Division 1 athletes are working a full-time job for their university. According to USA Today, the average college football player spends up to 43. Should college athletes be paid?

Tweet rss: atom: created by jallen8 You don't deserve to play or get paid. You go to college to get an education and learn what the world holds for you. or just for fun. Although athletes do spend quite a bit of their time doing sports, it doesn't justify payment.

They are typically receiving free.

An Amateurism Challenge Evaporates, but Others Loom for NCAA

There is a noticeable divide between the haves and have-nots in collegiate athletics. Coaches, non-revenue sports and athletic directors are profiting most from. The Case for Paying College Athletes. Students deserve to be compensated for their labor.

College athletes deserve payment
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